Alpine CDE-133BT Manual User Guide and Troubleshooting

by PDF on April 15, 2012

This Alpine CDE-133BT manual / users guide comes in PDF file format with 2.72 MB in size (38 pages). It’s available online and we can download this manual at (the official Alpine website). The Alpine CDE-133BT manual comes in English and Spanish. We collect the Alpine CDE-133BT information and manual book for guide you all instruction for operating the Alpine CDE-133BT CD Receiver correctly. The Alpine CDE-133BT has built-in Bluetooth wireless technology and also offers many new functions, such as received SMS text message alert, GMS signal strength indicator, automatic phonebook update, alphabetic phonebook search, 5 echo cancellation presets. You can control your iPhone/iPod from the head unit, using Quick Search to find songs. Other features are Preset Stations (FM:18 / MW:6 / LW:6), Auto Memory, Max Tune Tuner, RDS Functions: AF, TA, TP, RADIO TEXT, Tuner Presets: FM x 18, MW x 6, LW x 6, Local / DX Selectable, Compatibility for iPod / iPhone, USB Connection, works with supported Nokia phones, Power Output: 4 x 50W High Power Amplifier, Display: 14 Segments White LCD Display in Dot Matrix Design, Remote Control Ready, Steering Wheel Remote Control Ready, and many more.
Troubleshooting tips of Alpine CDE-133BT CD receiver

Initial System Start-Up
Solution: Be sure to press the  RESET  button when using the unit for the first time, after changing the car battery, etc.
1. Turn off the unit power.
2. Remove the detachable front panel.
3. Press RESET with a ballpoint pen or similar pointed object.

Pairing a Bluetooth compatible device with SSP (Secure Simple Pairing)
1. Using your Bluetooth compatible device, select the “Alpine CD Receiver” for pairing.
2. Turn the Rotary encoder  to change the head unit display from “PAIR NO” to “PAIR YES”. If “PAIR NO” is selected, the connection will be canceled.
3. If the pairing was successful, “CONNECTED” is displayed for a few seconds. The head unit then returns to its previous state.

No function or display.
– Vehicle’s ignition is off -> If connected following instructions, the unit will not operate with the vehicle’s ignition off.
– Improper power lead (Red) and battery lead (Yellow) connections -> Check power lead and battery lead connections.
– Blown fuse -> Check the fuse of the unit; replace with the proper value if necessary.
– Internal micro-computer malfunctioned due to interference noise etc -> Press the RESET button with a ballpoint pen or other pointed article.

iPod does not play and no sound is output.
Reset this unit and the iPod. Refer to “Initial System Start-Up”

CD Player not functioning.
Out of operating temperature range +50°C (+120°F) for CD. Allow the vehicle’s interior (or trunk) temperature to cool.

For more information about troubleshooting tips and how to operate the Alpine CDE-133BT CD receiver, please download this Alpine CDE-133BT user manual below.

Table Content of Alpine CDE-133BT user manual:

  • Warning
  • Getting Started
  • Radio
  • CD/MP3
  • Sound Setting
  • Other Functions
  • Setup
  • Bluetooth Operation
  • Flash Memory (optional)
  • iPod/iPhone (optional)
  • Information
  • Installation and Connections
  • Limited Warranty

This Alpine CDE-133BT user manual is available for FREE at Alpine official website, merely collect the information, we neither affiliated with the author(s), the website and any brand(s) nor responsible for its content and change of content. (Read our disclaimer before you download the document from the website).

Download Alpine CDE-133BT user manual english.pdf (2.72 MB)
Download Alpine CDE-133BT user manual spanish.pdf (2.77 MB)

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