Lenovo Thinkpad T410 Manual Users Maintenance Guide, Product Datasheet and ThinkPad systems Safety Guide

by PDF on January 3, 2011

Lenovo Thinkpad T410 Manual Users Maintenance Guide, Product Datasheet and ThinkPad systems Safety Guide. Lenovo Thinkpad T410 Energy-saving features:
* Lenovo Battery Stretch lets you make temporary selections in extreme situations to extend battery life.
* NVIDIA Optimus technology — a smarter business solution that intuitively delivers superior graphics without sacrificing battery life.
* Solid-state storage drives use less battery power and create less heat.
* Optical disk drive and audio automatically switch to a low power state when there’s no activity.
* Green Power Scheme and ThinkPad EnergySaver technology help preserve mobile computing time.
* Intense graphics and extended battery life
* Support up to four monitors with NVIDIA Optimus technology
* LED backlit displays
* 16:9 aspect ratio
* DisplayPort
* These portable powerhouses feature high-end processors and graphics
* Easy to use touch screen
* Professional grade reliability
* Connection made easy (Gigabit Ethernet, WWAN (with GPS) or with Gobi technology for 3G-speed access, Bluetooth 2.1, WiMAX, WLAN support, Exceptional VoIP features, Next-generation 2-megapixel Web camera, Dual digital array microphone, Noise and echo cancellation, Reduction in capturing ambient noise, Microphone and audio mute buttons with LEDs, Easy-to-configure VoIP software)
* EPEAT Gold-qualified and ENERGY STAR rated laptops
* LED backlit, mercury-free displays
* Less power usage with dual-core processors than with standard-voltage processors
* Cooler and quieter
* Less power usage than previous T Series models with switchable graphics
* Less power usage with SSDs than standard hard drives
* Low 25-watt processor technology
* Extended battery life and less waste with Battery Stretch
* Reusable packaging designed for at least 5 reuses
* Energy Calculator to calculate power savings for your system configuration

Download Lenovo Thinkpad T410 Manual Users Maintenance Guide, Download Product Datasheet and Download ThinkPad systems Safety Guide can be downloaded for free from lenovo.com

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