LG Revere 2 Manual User Guide and Operating Instruction

by PDF on May 6, 2013

Here we provide free download link for LG Revere 2 user manual. For new user of LG Revere 2, you may need this user guide to improve your experiences while using this LG Revere 2 mobile phone. In some countries, the purchase or retail package does not include the user manual, so you have to download manually from the LG official website. Please use our download link below to get the user manual of LG Revere 2 series. Inside this user manual, you can find detailed information about your LG Revere 2 mobile phone, operating instruction and troubleshooting tips for your LG Revere 2 mobile phone.
As described at LG website, LG Revere 2 comes with these specification and features:

* Dimensions: 3.78″ (H) x 1.95″ (W) x 0.72″ (D)
* Weight: 3.42 oz.
* Frequencies: 1.9 GHz CDMA PCS, 800 MHz CDMA
* Carrier: Verizon
* Form Factor: Flip
* Internal displays: 262K Color TFT, 176 x 220 Pixels, 2.0″
* Eksternal display: Monochrome STN, 96 x 64 Pixels, 0.98″
* Internal User Memory: 108.5MB
* Camera: 1.3 Megapixel Camera, up to 2x camera zoom
* Bluetooth Version: 2.1 + EDR (Save up to 20 Bluetooth Pairings)
* Standard Battery: 1,000 mAh
* Talk Time: up to 7 hours
* Standby Time: up to 26 days and 6 hours

Before using your LG Revere 2 mobile phone, you have to check the accessories supplied, such as standard battery, travel adapter and USB cable and vehicle power charger.

Device overview of LG Revere 2 mobile phone:
1. Camera Lens
2. Front LCD Screen
3. Earpiece
4. Flip
5. Main LCD Screen
6. OK Key / Directional Key
7. Left Soft Key
8. Speakerphone Key
9. Headset Jack
10. Send Key
11. Volume Keys
12. Accessory/Charger Port
13. International Call Prefix Key
14. Right Soft Key
15. Clear/ Voice Commands Key
16. Camera Key
17. Power/End Key
18. Alphanumeric Keypad
19. Vibrate Mode Key
20. Microphone

Operating Instruction and Troubeshooting Tips of LG Revere 2 at a glance:

How to add a new contact?
1. Open the flip and press OK [MENU]
2. Press Contacts.
3. Press New Contact
4. Enter the name and press the Directional Key downward until the phone number type you want is highlighted.
5. Enter the number and any additional contact information and press OK [SAVE] to update your contact entry.

How to send Voice Message?
1. Open the flip and press the Left Soft Key [Message].
2. Press New Message.
3. Press Voice Message.
4. Press OK to start recording.
5. Record your voice message.
6. Press OK [STOP] to end the recording.
7. Enter the phone number or email address of the recipient.
8. Press the Directional Key downward to access the text field.
9. Type your message.
10. Use the Directional Key to highlight the Name Cardfield, then press the Left Soft Key [Add]. Use the Directional Key to choose My Name Cardor From Contacts and select an entry.
11. Use the Directional Key to highlight the Subject field an enter the subject.
12. Press OK [SEND]to send.

How to send an email via Mobile Web?
1. Open the flip and press the Left Soft Key [Message].
2. Press Mobile Email.
3. Subscribe to the service (if necessary).
4. Accept the Terms of Service.
5. Highlight an email provider and press OK.
6. Follow the instructions to set up your account(s).

To know more about complete quick operating guide of LG Revere 2 mobile phone, you can download this LG Revere 2 user manual.

Table contents of LG Revere 2 user manual

  • Phone Overview
  • Menus Overview
  • Getting Started with Your Phone
  • Quick Access to Convenient Features
  • Entering and Editing Information
  • Contacts in Your Phone’s Memory
  • Contacts
  • Mobile Web
  • Messaging
  • Recent Calls
  • Mobile Web
  • Media Center
  • Mobile Email / V CAST Tones / My Pictures
  • Settings & Tools
  • Important Safety Precautions
  • Safety
  • Technical Details
  • Glossary
  • Index

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Download LG Revere 2 Manual.PDF (3.74 MB)

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