Logitech Revue Users Manual Setup Guide

by PDF on October 8, 2010

Logitech Revue Users Manual Setup Guide. Logitech Revue makes it easy to get the full experience of Google TV. But just what does Google TV do? It lets you watch what you want, wherever it comes from, all on your HDTV. That’s because Google TV gives you access to videos, shows, apps, and sites from the full web, in addition to all of your usual TV channels — even some DVRs. Now the power of Google’s search technology has been perfected for entertainment, so you can just type in what you want to watch—be it the name of a channel, program, actor, genre, anything—and you’ll quickly find just what you were looking for, wherever it comes from. With Google TV, you can use Revue’s keyboard controller to browse the entire web on your HDTV, sharing sites, YouTube™ videos, and online photos with friends and family. Your phone got smarter and better when it got apps. Now the same goes for your TV. Revue has a variety of great apps for your TV, preinstalled, from social networks like Facebook and Twitter, to entertainment hubs like Netflix and NBA.TV, to a media player that let you access content on your local PC. Whether it’s a TV Cam that lets you make video calls from your living room or a Mini Controller that lets you control your Google TV system from the palm of your hand, Logitech accessories can help your TV become more than just a TV. Logitech Revue User Manual and Setup Guide contains: Unpack the box, Companion box at a glance, Keyboard Controller at a glance, Connect the cables, Power everything on, Set up Revue with Google TV, Device not responding? Use the IR mini-blaster, Using accessories, Help with setup, Maintenance, Troubleshooting.

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