Samsung Freeform 4 Manual User Guide and Operating Instruction

by PDF on July 24, 2012

Are you a Samsung Freeform 4 (US Cellular) owner? Here is Samsung Freeform 4 manual or user guide for you. This manual is available online and you can download it directly from Samsung website. This manual comes in 117 pages of PDF document format (2.17 MB). This Samsung Freeform 4 user guide contains any information and instructions how to operate the Samsung Freeform 4 mobile phone properly. To prevent damage to your product or injury to yourself or to others, please read this owner manual before using this equipment.
As described at US Cellular website, Samsung Freeform 4 mobile phone comes with these specification and features:

  • E911 Ready
  • CDMA 2000 1x Technology
  • Dimensions: 4.38″ x 2.38″ x 0.42″
  • Weight: 2.4 oz.
  • Display: 2.4″ QVGA display, Full QWERTY Keyboard
  • Bluetooth v2.1
  • 2MP Camera and Camcorder
  • 80 MB Internal Memory
  • Memory Card Slot (microSD and microSDHC up to 32 GB)
  • easyedge Capable
  • One-Touch Speakerphone
  • Integrated Music Player
  • Social Networking and E-Mail Capabilities
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) Technology
  • Hearing Aid Compatibility – M4/T4 Rating
  • Wireless Emergency Alerts (CMAS) Capable
  • Battery: 1000 mAh
  • Talk Time: Up To 6.5 hours
  • Standby Time: Up to 12 days

Before using this Samsung Freeform 4 mobile phone, you have to check the accessories supplied, such as standard battery, stereo headset, travel charger and user guide.

Device overview of Samsung Freeform 4 mobile phone:
Front View
1. Earpiece
2. Display
3. Left Soft Key
4. Send Key
5. Speakerphone Key
6. Navigation Key
7. Back Key
8. End/Power Key
9. Right Soft Key
10. Center-Select Key

Side View
1. Volume Key
2. microSD (Memory Card) Slot
3. Camera Key

Back View
1. Headset Connector
2. Camera Lens
3. Power/USB Connector
4. Speaker

Quick operating guide of Samsung Freeform 4 at a glance:

Create a new message by speaking the type of message and the recipient(s):
1. In standby mode, press and hold Voice Commands. The audio prompt “Please say a command. ”sounds and the Voice Commands display.
2. Say “Send Text/ Picture/ Video”.
3. At the prompt, say the contact name, telephone number, or contact group.
4. The NEW TEXT / PICTURE / VIDEO MESSAGE screen opens, with the To:field populated with your selection(s).
5. Continue creating the message.

You can set the brightness of the backlight for your display or keypad:
1. From the DISPLAY SETTINGS menu, select Backlight.
2. Select Displayor Keypad backlight to remain on for 10, 15 or 30 seconds; to be Always On; or to be Always Off.
3. Set the Brightness of the display by pressing the Navigation key up or down, then press OK.

Location setting:
Choose whether your phone’s GPS(Global Positioning System) location is available to the network at all times, or only when you’ve dialed an Emergency Number, such as 911.
1. From the SETTINGS menu, select Location.
2. Select Location Onor E911 Only

To know more about complete quick operating guide of Samsung Freeform 4 mobile phone, you can download this Samsung Freeform 4 user manual.

Table contents of Samsung Freeform 4 user manual

  • Getting Started
  • Understanding Your Phone
  • Entering Text
  • Call Functions
  • Messages
  • Contacts
  • Multimedia
  • Browser
  • Tools
  • Settings
  • Health and Safety Information
  • Warranty Information
  • Index

This Samsung Freeform 4 user manual is available for FREE at Samsung website, merely collect the information, we neither affiliated with the author(s), the website and any brand(s) nor responsible for its content and change of content. (Read our disclaimer before you download the document from the website).

Download Samsung Freeform 4 user manual.pdf (2.17 MB)

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